Journey to Lucidity 2 – Lucidity Festival 2014

Written by February 4, 2015Comments Off on Journey to Lucidity 2 – Lucidity Festival 2014

journey to lucidity 2: Tree of Guardians ScreenshotThis filmmaker Brendon Wolf-Shield Culliton attended Lucidity Festival 2014 and made a sequel to the movie he made last year. It is called Journey to Lucidity 2: Tree of Guardians. In this movie he returns to the Lucidity Festival dream with more awareness, and seeks out wisdom from guardians and dreamers. He asks people what it is we should remember. One of the things he filmed was the Lucid Dream Discussion Panel I was in. He uses a few clips of me and other lucid dreamers in the movie.

To learn more about Journey to Lucidity 2, visit the GoFundMe website:

Here is the trailer: