dream pie chart graphicYou Can Lucid Dream

Every night when you got to bed, you go in and out of dream states. But dreams can be confusing and hard to remember.

Anyone can learn the skill of lucid dreaming. When you become aware of the dream while you are in it, it opens up whole new possibility of experiences you can have that feel as real and vivid as waking reality. Your dreams are unique and often address aspects of your life you are most concerned with. You can gain astonishing insight and grow as a person through your experiences with lucid dreaming. It’s also a lot of fun as you get better at it. An advanced lucid dreamer has at least one lucid dream per month.

YouCanLucidDream.com is a place where you can learn how to optimize your mind and body to increase vividness in your dreams and make it easier to get lucid.

Start with a crash course on lucid dreaming by watching a video compiling all the most important things you need to know about dreaming in-order to get lucid. It’s called:

Lucid Dream Treasures
The 7 Things You Need To Know To Have a Lucid Dream