Facts About Sleep and Dreams

Written by February 23, 2012Comments Off on Facts About Sleep and Dreams

  • Every human dreams. There are tons of people who cant remember there dreams when they wake up but they still get them
  • Human beings spend roughly around 6 years of there life time dreaming
  • Sometimes we get dream not in our REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)
  • People who suffer from personality disorder lack dream activity
  • Our brains tend to be way more active when we sleep then awake in our walking life
  • Humans tend to have around 3 to 7 dreams a night. We dream around 2 to 3 hours in a whole night
  • Your body burns more calories sleeping then it does in the day time
  • Information that we learn before we go to bed tends to stick with us longer than information any other time
  • If you avoid your sleep for more than 10 days you will die

Dreams Prevent Psychosis

In a recent sleep study, students who were awakened at the beginning of each dream, but still allowed their 8 hours of sleep, all experienced difficulty in concentration, irritability, hallucinations, and signs of psychosis after only 3 days. When finally allowed their REM sleep the student’s brains made up for lost time by greatly increasing the percentage of sleep spent in the REM stage.


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