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Dreamtime is a progressive dream alarm clock that gently wakes you with new age or other music to remind you to remember your dreams and stimulate your creativity for business or pleasure. Once awake, you can enter your dream in the text box provided for interpretation and stimulate lucid dreaming. .For more info about dream analysis, please go to youcanluciddream.com and read the novel or e-book YoutopiaMedia.com, about the personal life of a dream interpreter, travelling througout the west coast, before 9-11

Richard Hilton - BulbMedia.com

James Chen - yinuochen.com

Argus Sun - asun.bol.ucla.edu

Jordon Schaffner - YoutopiaMedia.com

- Smooth transition from asleep to awake

- Increased dreamcall over the course of 2 weeks of use

- Increased introspection, insight, and creativity

- Increases the likelyhood of getting lucid in your dreams