Project RUD Dot Proposal

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Ongoing Shared Dreaming Experiment Online Community Proposal

Project RUD Dot LogoProject RUD Dot consists of an online community that teaches the fundamentals of Lucid Dreaming (conscious dreaming) and gives each member a passive, ongoing shared dreaming goal. It will be the largest shared dreaming experiment as well as a place to learn how to lucid dream with others.

How it works:
When someone joins the community, they setup a personal profile and chooses a dream password. This is a word that they are not allowed to tell anyone or say when they are awake, but they can tell a dream character it when they are in a lucid dream. The goal is to exchange passwords with other member of Project RUD Dot, then wake up and recall the password to be tested on the website. If this is attempted by many people it will determine if it is possible for people to exchange information in a dream.

The website will monitor the process by storing people’s dream passwords in an encrypted database. Members are allowed to type in a “guess” of the password into other member’s profiles dream password section. The website will report if there is a match and monitor activity to be researched and verified.

Dreamers can join from around the world to take part. If a member, or group of members are successful at getting multiple dream passwords, it could lead to the proof of the phenomenon of shared dreaming, or information exchange in the dream state.

The site also teaches how to have vivid and meaningful dreams by presenting

If you are interested in becoming a member of Project RUD Dot, or helping develop the site functionality, subscribe to our mail list, and visit the office website of Project RUD Dot: