Predetermine a Goal for your Next Lucid Dream

Written by October 27, 2011Comments Off on Predetermine a Goal for your Next Lucid Dream

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Predetermine Your Goal Narrated by Richard Hilton

Are you dreaming right now? Take a moment to do a reality test to determine if this is a dream. You will most likely find that you are awake at this time. But take a moment to imagine if it turned out that you are dreaming RIGHT NOW. What would you choose to do next?

Girl flying in a lucid dreamA good way to ensure a fun and meaningful lucid dream is to predetermine what you want to accomplish. That way you can make the most of the rare and incredible state of consciousness. Take a moment to predetermine what you would do if you became lucid.

When predetermining what you want to do in a lucid dream, be careful not to set your goals too high. If you have not had many lucid dreams or have never flown before, then choosing to fly is a good goal to have. This is because you can do it no matter where you are. It tends to be easy to achieve and very fun. If you try to manifest exterior objects or a particular scenario, it can be tricky to get the dream to cooperate. It may require a high level of lucidity, or a specific techniques for manifesting things.

Abraham Lincoln in a dreamSometimes you will need to create steps to the process. For example if your goal is to speak to a famous person such as Abraham Lincoln, you also need to predetermine how you will find him. A step before speaking to Abraham Lincoln may be to fly super fast to the Lincoln Memorial site. Or believing he is just in the next room while opening the door.

Remember that when you get lucid you only have a few minutes before you should wake up and recall what happend. Otherwise you run the risk of forgetting the best part or falling into a deep sleep and loosing the memory completely.

The best lucid dreams are ones where you get lucid, do your predetermined goal, then purposefully wake up recalling the experience with vivid details.

What do you want to do the next time you get lucid?