Lucidity Festival 2023 The Great Synthesis

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I will be taking part in a panel discussion called Lucid Dreaming for the Great Synthesis at 2PM Saturday, April 8th 2023 in The Summit at The Lucidity Festival in California. Other Lucid dreamers will be on the panel such as: Jonah Haas, Sanjeev (Sanj ‘Binaural Dreams’), Erik Casano and Gwendolyn Alley. The workshop space will be set up to accommodate approximately 100 audience members. I have taken part in a lucid dream workshops and discussion panels in previous years at Lucidity Festival which have all been enriching and uplifting experiences. 

I was very active with lucid dreaming 10 years ago when the Lucidity Festival first started. It was extremely empowering in my personal development. My life’s purpose at that time was to spread knowledge and wisdom about lucid dreaming to the world. This culminated in this website ( ), a documentary, live workshops and making various content for lucid dreaming.

I no longer lucid dream to the same level as I did back then. I have lost a lot of my abilities and often fall back into dream dilemmas I’ve already figured out in past dreams. Recently I average 1 spontaneous lucid dream a year, and it’s nowhere near as vivid and profound as the dreams I had in my 20s and 30s.

The Great Synthesis - Lucidity Festival 2023

Despite my lack of lucid dreams in the recent years, I am still dedicated to spreading knowledge and wisdom about Lucid Dreaming and how to achieve that miraculous state. The Lucidity Festival is an ideal place to do that! In previous years I have lead workshop on lucid dreaming such as:

The 2 lucid dream workshops are talked about in this blog post I wrote on my lucid dreaming website over 7 years ago. It includes video from my “Advanced Lucid Dream” workshop from Lucidity Festival 2013:
You Can Lucid Dream – Lucidity Festival 2015 – Kindred Quest: