The Way of Lucid Dreaming & Lucid Living 4 Day Workshop at Lucidity Festival 2016 – Crossroads

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Lucidity Festival 2016 Crossroads LogoThe Lucidity Festival is an annual art and music festival that happens every year in April at the live oak camp ground Just East of Santa Barbara California. It is a transformational festival that promotions consciousness, self expression, spirituality, and joy.

Lucidity Festival courseweek  community works iconThis will be the 5th year it has taken place, and the 5th time Ill be presenting lucid dreaming information in a workshop. This year the Lucid Dreaming Workshop has expanded into a 4 day immersive educational experience before the festival begins. It’s called: The Way of Lucid Dreaming & Lucid Living. It will be hosted by Thomas Peisel and Laurel Lyons. I will be a guest presenter and generally help with the organization and setup. We are make arrangements to make it an incredible exploration of the lucid dream state. If you’ve been wanting to connect deeper with your dreams and other dreamers at an amazingly inspiring and transcendent environment, then now is the time to take that step.

Lucid dreaming is just 1 of 5 courses that are available. Here is a video introducing the Lucidity Festival Course Week:

Contact me if you have any questions about the course, want to meetup at the festival, or for a promotional code to get a discount off the ticket price.

To learn more about the course got to the official course page:

The lucidity festival is a fun and vibrant way to explore and spread lucidity in your waking life, as well as in the dream state. It is an open source festival so contribute and take part in any way you feel called. All dreamers, seekers, sages, and conscious beings are welcome to experience it for yourself.