Morning Dream Recall Progressive Alarm Clock

Sony Dream Machine CD Alarm ClockThe Morning Dream Recall Progressive Alarm Clock is an alarm clock that slowly wakes you up in the morning for 10 minutes and walks you through the dream recall process. It includes soft soft music that gets louder, a Gong noise, and a voice that explains when it is time to do recall, and when it is time to get up. There is 2 minutes of just soft music that allows you to lay in bed and do dream recall, followed by another 2 minutes to write down any notes about what you remember. This is ideal for anyone interested in having more vivid dreams in their life.

There are a few different ways to setup this alarm clock to work for you. At this I have an MP3 audio file Prototype you can download and listen to. If you would like to try it out as your morning alarm clock, all I ask for in return is that you subscribe your E-mail address to get updates and other Lucid Dream Info. Your feedback is always welcome, and it will influence the next version, so contact me if you have questions or comments.

Play this MP3 in the morning as your alarm clock:
Morning Dream Recall Progressive Alarm MP3 vC4
7 minutes Version C4 Produced January 2012

You can download the MP3 for the Morning Progressive Dream Recall Mp3 (version C4) and use it with an alarm clock that can play an mp3 file or Audio CD.  You could also use a smart phone and download a morning alarm clock app that plays MP3 files.

CD Player Alarm Clock Dream Machine

To use this MP3 audio file effectively you can use a CD player or MP3 Alarm Clock. I recommend the Sony Dream Machine because it has 2 alarm settings and has worked well for me. Here are the instructions on how to turn the Sony Dream Machine into a Morning Dream Recall Progressive Alarm Clock.

The Sony Dream Machine can be purchased at Frys Electronics, or Amazon.

Old Versions of the Morning Dream Recall MP3

Morning Progressive Dream Recall MP3 vB4
5 minute version B4

Morning Progressive Dream Recall MP3 va2
11 minute version A2 – hemi sync

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